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Power of Possibilities  Series

On August 13, 2016, Power of Possibilities hosted the second annual MOUNTAIN MAKER FEST in Accident, MD. The Maker Movement is about sharing ideas and learning from makers and do-it-yourselfers in science, arts, technology, wood, agriculture, metal, leather, robotics, food, textiles and other mediums!

Official sponsors of the POP event series are The Greater Cumberland Committee, Garrett College and the Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

The Epicenter of Rural Entrepreneurship

Do you sell jewelry or cosmetics on the weekend? Bake cakes on the side? This conference will help you learn about opportunities in the regional area.

We believe the key to rural economic success is bringing the community members together to talk to, learn about and support entrepreneurs, innovators and makers. 

For Community:

For You:

Thinking about starting a business, looking to grow your business? We are working with community resources to bring together the tools you need to accomplish your goals.

For Innovators:

Power of Possibilities (POP) is a sequence of conferences, learning opportunities and business collaboration in the tri-state area of Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The goal of this event series is to support small business growth and job creation and, therefore, improve the economic conditions of rural Appalachia.

SAVE THE DATE! August 12, 2017

Mountain Maker Fest

We will be making Garrett County's BIGGEST Great Ball Contraption (GBC)! 9 a.m. to noon at Garrett College’s Career Technology Training Center (CTTC) located in Accident with the focus centered on enabling and celebrating “makers” in the mountain region.  Check out a GBC 1:30 in this video: http://youtu.be/JsP5xHIm5Vw. There will also be five courses offered (some free and some with a charge, with all requiring advance registration) on-site throughout the day. The third component of this year’s event will be a one-hour period where various regional makers share their products and processes and answer questions. Presentations for these quick (about 10 minutes each) “show-and-tell” sessions include fly fishing “ties,” seed bag crafts, knitting art, and others.